Contemporary Music

This collection of 5 pieces represents some of my contemporary works:
Meditation and O.C.D are both acoustic pieces. Descending of Whale and Tizremi, both integrate acoustic solo part with live electronics. Numbon is an electro-acoustic recorded piece.

Meditation (2007): for voice - narrator, piano, cello, clarinet and oboe.
Performers: Ensemble Meitar

Tizremi (2005): for clarinet solo and live electronics.
The piece was written originally for the clarinet player Chen Halevi who played in its premiere.
In this recording Yonatan Hadas plays the clarinet.

Descending of Whale (2005): 3 movements piece for D.Bass and premeditated electronics.
The piece was written for the D.Bass player Hen goldsobel, who plays in this recording.

Numbon (2004): Electro - Acoustic - vocal piece

O.C.D (2002): 3 movements piece, for violin and piano.
Shachar Rosenthal: violin
Ruth Zory: piano