These songs are a part of a 10 songs album I wrote in the year of 2011. It was an aftermath of a meaningful relationship with someone who, among other things, used to love listening to popular acoustic songs. Every Friday night, the hours of great loneliness, I used to meet with my friend, the cellist, Neta Yirmay, and play these songs. After few concerts (and a new boyfriend) I was healed in many ways, and so, this project had concluded it's somewhat predetermine goal.

Vocals & Piano: Sigal Goldsobel.
Cello: Neta Yirmai, who also wrote the cello parts.
Drums: Yuval Kainer ("In my sleep / בשנתי").

All songs were composed and arranged by sigal Goldsobel.

The songs "In my sleep / בשנתי" and "In yours eyes / בעיניך" were recorded in professional studios. The rest of the songs are home-studio recorded.